First Pitch


So, the first Pitch Club is coming up on the 13th, right after Tech Brew. Get your brew on at StartupCityDSM, then head over to the SPN/Evolve office for the pitches. Be ready with your own!


Please RSVP on Sharewhere.


Moving from Launch Rock to an actual site. Check back soon to for more information.

Here’s the tentative rules…

  1. You do not talk about Pitch Club.
  2. Rule #1 doesn’t actually apply. Talk all you want.
  3. Both new and existing ideas are good.
  4. One pitch at a time.
  5. Three minute pitches.
  6. Five minute feedback.
  7. No slide decks. Whiteboard/Post its are OK.
  8. Everyone’s name goes into a hat. If your name is drawn, you MUST pitch.
  9. The goal is to improve pitches.

Recent Entries